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Asynchronous Working for Architects?

Asynchronous working for Architects?

What is that and why do I need it?

Work from home? Different office locations?

If you are all in the office together at the same time, that’s Synchronous working. A bit like a class of students with a teacher. If the class is not there or the teacher is not there at the same time and location, then no learning or work can be carried out. This is how work used to be done.

So what's new? If you want to be able to work together apart and at different times, then that’s Asynchronous Working, get it?

To make this work, you need a cloud-based management system that lets everyone know where all the projects are up to. Who is doing what and what’s next? A dashboard.

Big companies are investing heavily in this digital revolution. It's happening now. Fo big business it's a big challenge. For SME Architects in the UK? less so.

YOOPknows is this solution for UK Architects, its very niche, so we are not right for anyone else than Architects, Architectural Designers and Technologists. Only businesses that are doing the function of Architectural Service.


Book a demo with me at YOOPknows and we can show you the UK markets simplest solution for Architects, Architectural Designers and Technologists.

calm all the chaos of Architectural work
YOOPknows saves Architect!

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