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Architects 5 Learnings by Non Architects Vol.1

Updated: Aug 11, 2021

As Architects we can be obsessed with images and being caught in the weeds of our profession. Here are some great learnings for mind, body and spirit from non Architects to give the rabbit hole some perspective.

1. The Pod Cast - Audio

What can a basketball star teach you about yourself?

So Tim Ferriss is on of the original podcasters and very interesting in his own right. But his ability to get diverse, talented over achievers talking from the heart is great. Some times as an Architect its easier and more engaging to hear about something you know nothing about, but the underlying message of struggle, achievement and doubt are universal.

Tim Ferriss talks to NBA star Chris Bosh

2. The Book - Paper ( or the audio book) Life Journey

How many Architects sell their business?

John Warrillow writes a story. A story not about Architects! great start.

But it is a Digital Agency, so it has direct relationship with Architects, but distant enough that you can understand the message without your Architects brain getting in the way.

Built to Sell by John Warrillow

Even if you think Im not about selling, again, that's not really the book. A great story and lots of ah-ha moments for Architects. You may not come back from this one (in a good way)

3. Mind and Body - An App

Well we all need some peace in our day. There are many meditation apps available. These can be as consuming as instagram and create another set of choices and distractions. Like endless organisation charts rather than doing the work.

Its super simple and coupled with noise cancelling ear pods its a small piece of zen any where at any time.

Binaural by Giorgio Calderolla

4. The TV Program (or website) - Good Information

Tired on angry news in the morning? Is it giving you anxiety? Need a more balanced, people focused news source that is more inclusive of Europe and the world? If you speak multiple languages, or are learning you can select the channel for you, Bueno!

Download the app on your smart TV, Apple TV etc.

5. The Idea - 4 Day Work Week and Get Paid the Same as 5 Days a Week

What would you do if you had a 3 day week end?

Would you work more or achieve other non work goals?

Personal growth or business growth. All good questions.

Your worth it! So are your staff. Feeling brave?

The studies are back and its really positive.

Yoop architects now operates a 4 day work week. Same turnover. We love it, love it.

If you want to know more about our experience, do email Gordon on

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