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Architects: Whats Your Purpose?

Doing difficult things gives many a deep satisfaction.

Becoming an Architect is one of those things. From non Architects, there is still a deep respect for Architects. This probably comes from two things.

  1. They have no idea what an architect does

  2. They know they could not do what ever No. 1 is

Ok, we are being a bit funny.

So are you the Architect deeply satisfied in being an Architect? Are your Architect friends?

Do you have purpose or have you lost that purpose.

The path to purpose. Are you on it? Did you lose the path? Did you close your eyes and run screaming?

Where ever you are on your life journey of being an Architect, there comes a time to decide what's important. What do you want from this difficult thing achieved. So many do not address this and have forgot about the path and purpose.

Many Architects start their own practice. This as the Mandalorian says "is the way". It makes you face the realities of what you stand for and how to infuse and motivate clients and staff with this shared vision.

With new tools and ways of working across boarders and cultures, there is a new opportunity to find common ground with other Architects, staff and clients. Could an Architectural Practice be Five Architects all in different countries? All with a common purpose. Five markets sound exciting also.

What tools will be required. What are available. Where do you find the other four Architects?

Seems to find anything, you need to know what your question is.

Is the question...."What is my purpose?" But more importantly "when"

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