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Why spreadsheets fail & round and round not in and out

Updated: Oct 15, 2020

Hey Architect! Hows your spreadsheet?

So we have all been there.

When you have to do an epic update of the spreadsheet, because it's all out of date

Or you think it is... well you just don't know.

Thats why your spreadsheet will also ways fail. It can not tell you, "hey, update just this bit", or "hey, you have not checked in on this in a while".

Why is why "round and round" is the new "in and out"?

Not another task system, the web is littered with them. Avoid.

They are in and out activities. Its very finite. There is no feed back loop, or "round and round" function.

Round and round is what us Architects actually do.

We just create digital information and deal with people. So the information flows around and around and around, seemingly never ending.

How hard is it to finish a job these days?

So a mentality of around and around while pulling it through your process (like plan of work but your own version). This is where agility is found, this is where you can see the end and pull it over the line.

There is a reason why huskies don't push, they pull as a team.

Interesting ideas, subscribe to get an invite for the launch. Exciting!

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