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Architects, how are you organising your WFH Team?

Love the office? It's a reflection of your practice style and design credentials, right?

But working from home is also great, some staff prefer it. Do you have a staff member that is great, but if they never had to talk to anyone, they would love that?

So how do you organise what your team is doing with some in the office, some at home, maybe it's you at home?

A system is required! What is KANBAN?

A kanban card system where you can create cards with things that need doing. You can drag and drop them on people. They can then drag and drop them in done when finished. As the boss, you can see what everyone is doing, what has been done, and what's coming up.

A meeting over zoom or teams can then be about moving each other cards around to find the best resource solution. Always try to do more with less.

Check this video with The Architects Dashboard showing how this works. Could it work for your daily resourcing issues? Give you a quick snapshot of where your teams are up to, and be able to change things around quickly.

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